IQAC - Internal Quality Assurance Cell

To be a globally competitive education institution and to assure well traceable standards of practices in the institutional functionality to all the stake holders and to meet the standards and requirements of various statutory bodies, a well defined Total Quality Management system and practices are required. This can be achieved by getting ISO 900 certification from the accreditation bodies.

To comply with the guidelines of ISO 9000-2015, an Internal Quality Assurance Cell is mandatory to carryout frequent quality audits in all the departments of the institution. Considering this requirement Internal Quality Assurance Cell is constituted in the college.


  1. To ensure maintenance of quality as per the standards enforced by various accrediting agencies like NBA, NAAC and ISO.
  2. To chalk out the plan of action at the beginning of the year, conduct mid-session reviews and the outcome achieved at the end of the year towards quality enhancement.
  3. To conduct periodic internal audits for reviewing the quality management system.
  4. To maintain a liaison and establish network with individuals and organizations connected with quality assurance in the field of education.
  5. To collect feedback from the students regarding various facilities and services being provided in the college and make improvements in the light of the feedback.
  6. To disseminate information on quality aspects and innovative practices through workshops, seminars, conferences, guest lectures, training programs and promotion of quality circles.
  7. Documentation of the various programs/activities leading to quality improvement.
  8. Arrangement for feedback responses from alumni, parents and other stakeholders on quality-related processes of the College.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell Members:

Name of the Chairman/MemberDesignationNature of duty
Dr. A. Kiran MayeePrincipal Chairman
Shri. Vamshi Talla Managing Director, TPCEManagement Member
Dr. G. Venkata NarayanaDean, Academics Convenor
Dr. P. Yellaiah Dean, CEConvenor
Mr. T. Sharath BabuDirector, Product Development, OracleIndustry Member
Mr. M. Ajay BabuProject LeadIndustry Member
Mr. Sk. ShariefFacultyAlumni Member
Prof. M. SarangapaniProfessor, KUMember
Prof.J. Venkateshwara RaoPrincipal TPCPMember
Ms. S. VijayalakshmiHead, Humanities & SciencesConvener
Dr. Md. AliHead, ManagementMember
Ms. K. DeepikaHead, Computer Science and EngineeringCo-ordinator
Mr. D. BheemaiahHead, Electrical and Electronics EngineeringMember
Mr. B. SowjanyaHead, Electronics and Communications EngineeringMember
Mr. M. MohithHead, Mechanical EngineeringMember
Ms. M. AparnaHead,Civil EngineeringMember
Ms. M. AparnaHead,Civil EngineeringMember

Frequency of Committee Meeting:

As per the standards of ISO/NBA/NAAC manuals and also at any time in between as and when an exigency arises.