Shri. Talla Mallesham


Presently, a knowledge explosion is being used ushered in our midst especially in Engineering and technology. It is a pleasure to note the glorious stride of our budding institution. The joy and experience shared on our campus ensure the growth and development of the overall personality of all the students alike. It is great to notice interesting events taking shape frequently at our campus. All of us are equally delighted to witness the happenings of significant events and tremendous achievements. I wish to record my heartly congratulations to those who have brought laurels to the institution and I appreciate all the faculty for working together as a team. I am sure, it is just a beginning and there is lot more to be happening. I wish all the best for achieving greater success and scaling newer heights in your education and career ahead.

The board is responsible for defining the role and mission of the college and, thereby, setting the strategic directions for the college to achieve. The board of governors has responsibility for fiduciary oversight and institutional performance
Shri. Vamshi Talla, Smt. Chaitanya Talla

Managing Directors

Welcome to a radically different learning experience - one that will mould you into budding Engineers that India will be proud of! TPCE boasts of being the first in many aspects including being the first in the region to have bagged a JNTUH Gold medal,the first to have an Incubation Centre, the first to have QEEE, to promote entrepreneurship and business incubation by way of TP Solutions and many more. It is our privilege to be the only Engineering college in the region to boast of excellence in Engineering as well as extra-curricular and co-curricular activites. We are always - one step ahead!
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Dr. Kiran Mayee


Learning, as we know it, is undergoing tremendous change. The latest in education that has been brought to the fore thanks to COVID-19 is Education 4.0, where teachers are facilitators, guides and counsellors rather than just lecturers. It is fascinating to observe how the students in India have taken to the new methodology with excitement and exhilaration - an attitude that cannot be found elsewhere in the world. It is this very positive streak that enables us to provide to the world what it needs most at the moment - stable leadership in the Engineering community and otherwise. We at TPCE have adopted Education 4.0 and are proud to be teachers of India's Generation X - the new passionate, industrious and capable leaders of the world!
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