Universal Human Values

Education has to impart alongwith academics, a strong sense of commitment to universal values such as truth, righteous conduct, love, non-violence and peace alongwith a feeling of patriotism, intgeration, harmony and social unitedness.
A consensus has emerged today on the importance of an education that promotes acceptance over hate. In the words of Education International (EI) General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen - In our multicultural societies the question of identity is crucial. Pride in one’s own identity should go hand in hand with respect for the identity of others. Our institutions should recognize and respect the identities of each student, whatever his or her origin or background. Institutions should re-orient children and young people learn to live together, understanding the richness of diversity, because the societies in which they must live in the future will all be diverse, multicultural democracies.
TPCE has arranged many for the same on various occasions towards this cause-

Details of Events:

YearTitle of the programme/ActivityDuration (from-to)Number of participants
2017-18Army Day15/01/2018764
2017-18Sports Days24/1/2018 to 26/1/20181000
2017-18Republic Day26/1/20181200
2017-18Babu Jagjeevan Ram Jayanthi4/4//2016746
2017-18Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Birth Annivarsary14/4/2017521
2017-18World Students Day - Dr. Abdul Kalam birth aniversary15/10//20171012
2017-18Engineers' Day - Sir Mokshagundem Vishweshwarayya15/09/20171004
2017-18Dr.B.R.Ambedkar 125th Birth Annivarsary22/4/2017674
2017-18International womens' day8/3/2018450
2017-18Independence Day Celebrations15/08/2017982
2017-18World No Tobacco Day31/05/2018411
2017-18Telangana Formation Day2/6/2018849
2017-18Medaram Jatara31/01/2018 to 03/02/2018457
2016-17Army Day15/01/2017721
2016-17Sports Day Celebrations24/01/2017 to 26/01/20171021
2016-17World No Tobacco Day31/05/2017321
2016-17Babu Jagjeevan Ram Jayanthi4/4//2016507
2016-17World Health Day7/4/2016741
2016-17Dr.B.R.Ambedkar 125th Birth Annivarsary13/4/2017450
2016-17World Earth Day22/4/2016384
2016-17Independence Day Celebrations14-08-2016 to15-08-2017450
2016-17Krishna Pushkaralu12-08-2016 to 23-08-201645
2016-17World Students Day15/10/2016125
2016-17Vigilance Awareness Week and National Unity Day Week Celebrations" 31-10-2016 to 05-11-2016"300
2016-17Gandhi Jayanthi2/10/2016400
2016-17Constitution of India Formation Day26/11/2016250
2016-17National Voters Day25/1/2017150
2016-17Republic Day Celebrations 26-01-2017600
2016-17Energy conservation day14/12/2016150
2016-17Telangana Formation Day2/6/2016849
2016-17International womens' day8/3/2017400
2015-16Telangana State formation Day 2/6/20151200
2015-16Medaram Jatara17/2/2016 to 20/2/2016384
2015-16World Environment Day5/6/2015689
2015-16Digital India Week Program at Pratahpa, singaram6/7/201555
2015-16Dr.B.R.Ambedkar 124th Birth Annivarsary13/4/2016650
2015-16International Youth Day11/8/2015250
2015-16Independence Day Celebrations15/8/2015450
2015-16Gandhi Jayanthi1/10/2015500
2015-16World Students Day15/10/2015125
2015-16Vigilance Awareness Week26-10-2015 to 31-10-2015175
2015-16National Unity Day31/10/2015150
2015-16Republic Day Celebrations26/01/2016400
2015-16International womens' day8/3/2016400
2015-16Energy conservation day14/12/2015150
2014-15Independence Day Celebrations15-08-2014360
2014-15Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Birth Annivarsary13/4/2014450
2014-15Swatch Bharath Rally and Cleaning Program17/10/201480
2014-15Gandhi Jayanthi1/10/2014350
2014-15National Unity Day31/10/201450
2014-15National Education Day11/11/201440
2014-15Good Governance Day 24/12/2014100
2014-15Republic Day Celebrations 26/01/2015320
2014-15Energy conservation day14/12/2014150
2014-15International Womens' Day8/3/3015400
2014-15World Water Day22/03/2015478
2014-15World Health Day7/4/2015412
2013-14Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Birth Annivarsary14/4/2013350
2013-14 Independence Day Celebrations15/08/2013470
2013-14Gandhi Jayanthi1/10/2013350
2013-14National Voters Day 25/1/201470
2013-14Republic Day Celebrations26/1/2014120
2013-14Energy conservation day14/12/2013150
2013-14International womens' day8/3/2013382
2013-14World Water Day22/03/2014451
2013-14World Health Day7/4/2014407

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